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I'm back from the city of the nine dragons (Kow=9, loon=dragon).

Back from Hong Kong where the streets are clean and no spitting is allowed. Evidently, SARS was a huge wake-up call to clean up and recognize the benefits of hygiene. Littering and spitting is publicly posted as a $1500HKD fine (about $200.00 USD). There's even toilet tissue in most all bathrooms as well as paper towels, another new convenience. Carrying one's own supply of personal TP is no longer an issue.

The most amusing garage humor to date is one in Kowloon near the Sheraton hotel. The circular spiral which one drives to descend & ascend has the walls painted like a golf course complete with driving areas, clubhouse and---a tiger in the middle of a small set of trees. Guess what this means--Tiger Woods. (I didn't make this up, really I didn't)

I used to travel to AK to sell--a very long time ago.  It's a very cozy town.  If you sneezed in Safeway, they'd know about it in Talkeetna and not only would they know how many times and how loudly you sneezed, they would be talking about the color of Kleenex you used to blow your nose.  The nights are also so long in winter they take up nearly the whole of the next day.

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