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Pearl Goddess - Testimonials

Your website and pearls are 'to die for!' I'd order right this minute if it wasn't too early..I'm on the east coast! Please send me your postcards, and also a date for the show in Atlanta. I'll be calling later in the day.

- Thank you!  Debbie Bluestein

Hi Betty Sue, Great Green article. (Modern Jeweler Jan 09) I learned a lot. I printed it out to share with customers.

- Again Soon, Lara

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metalcyberspace - news, people and events relating to metalsmithing and jewelry design (Susan Sarantos)

Claire on the right
Claire on the right

What a fabulous night!!! It felt like we were at the Academy Awards. Sooo special to be there with you and witness you being honored by our industry ... priceless! You are one rare lady and it was wonderful to share your special night.

- Clare Ullman, WJA Western Regional Director, Berkeley CA, for July 2017 WJA Award for Excellence

Robert Bentley on the left
Robert Bentley on the left

My long time friend and inspiration Betty Sue...has been so kind to be my friend for more than 35 years. I have learned so much from her. We've worked side by side and on many projects, team members for 9 years on the AGTA Spectrum Awards. Along side AGTA's amazing staff, she was instrumental in elevating the Spectrum Awards to the high profile awards it is today.

- Robert Bentley, NYC, for July 2017 WJA Award for Excellence

Staff Training- Is the only thing that will save the family (brick & mortar) store in the future! In this current age of mass production, commercialization, retailing and etailing how is the family business going to survive? Train your staff!

...When information comes from their boss all they absorb most of the time is blah, blah, blah, blah, ... It is critical that your staff is trained by an outside source. With Betty Sue it is not just about the product it is about the passion and love of this queen of gems. Her passion is infectious, her knowledge is poetic, and her style is unique. I have used Betty Sue to train staff members of mine and she has the remarkable hands on approach that they get. When you have Betty Sue train your staff they will not hear blah, blah, blah, sell more product, but rather pearls, pearls, pearls, their passions will ignite and you will hear the ring, ring, ring of your till, allowing you to say online retailers who? Her training is in-depth, interactive, positive and cost reasonable. If you say to yourself can I afford it? I ask you this in the current economy can you afford not to?

- Charles M. Ellias GG ISA CAPP, Studio Director – Spiralz Studio Of Contemporary Jewelry Design, Birmingham Michigan

Being the novice that I am, it was especially nice to come across a website as straight forward and informative as yours. Your willingness to treat our business transaction so personally in our phone conversation was comforting. Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing the goods

- Noemi Vela

Website Credits!

Photographers ~ Tinnee Lee & Craig Carraher of San Francisco, CA ~ For the Postcard, Bounty, and Mermaid

Photographer ~ Scott Tuason, courtesy of Jewelmer ~ For the Philippines images

Graphics Goddess ~ Jennifer King of NYC ~ For her nifty design and graphics, Photoshop work and instructions

And our Webmaster JB whom we are sure stole everything from somewhere, but we don't know where - and he won't tell!

Congratulations on your endeavors, delights of the goddess, lectures, and website. I explored your website myself, and found it well constructed, accurate, and informative.

- Shellei Addison

You transformed the room into a place of inspiration.

The page in the book where you show all the different kinds of pearls (pearl cross) was an eye opener for me, because I knew little about pearls before I came to the symposium. You can sing for me anytime!

Your energy is positive and amazing. What else could anyone expect from a Goddess!

Thank You again.

- Donna Beers, President Gemological Society of San Diego (Sixteenth Annual Sinkankas Symposium: Pearl on May 27 2019)

i was reading metalsmith magazine, saw your ad again and so i just looked at your website and i am drooling.  amazing photos and more than enough enticement for me to shoot off an email to you.  thank you so much in advance and i think you have fantastic stuff.  very inspirational!  all the best.

- Heather Murray, Bar Harbor, ME

Thanks for your patience and many thanks for speaking to the students! You encouraged them and taught them each some valuable lessons.

- Kimberly Northup, GG, GJ, Career Services Manager, Gemological Institute of America

Our very own Bay Area Betty Sue King from King's Ransom presented a seminar on Pearls for the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers during the Tucson shows. It was well worth attending, and over 50 individuals from all over the country were in town for this event.

- The Women's Jewelry Association

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