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You sent me the nicest e-mail a few months back... Your personal greeting was so impressive to me, I plan to do all my business with you!  -- Have a great day!

- Jennifer Tarentino

Dearest and Most Recognized Goddess, Congratulations!!!! It was a pleasure to see you were nominated, and an even greater pleasure to see you got it -- makes me think the universe can recognize the deserving, after all! I hope they burned incense at your feet and did everything a goddess could wish.

- Barbara Farrell, Honolulu HI, for July 2017 WJA Award for Excellence

The pearls have landed and I am in heaven.   Can't talk; don't even want to look for words.   I love you will have to do for now.

- John Eckhart, Maui Master Jewelers LLC.

You know things! You KNEW the coin pearls were MY pearls. And they are... without a doubt. Today I wore the coin pearls... yesterday the BEAUTIFUL chocolate fresh waters... And now I know which ones are ME. How individual they are! I am blessed by a true ... Pearl Goddess ... and more!

- Caroline

I love your energy and it wouldn't matter what you sold, I'd buy it, so luckily it's pearls! Just looked at your website and learned a lot. Good for you.

- Best, Judy Cameron

Website Credits!

Photographers ~ Tinnee Lee & Craig Carraher of San Francisco, CA ~ For the Postcard, Bounty, and Mermaid

Photographer ~ Scott Tuason, courtesy of Jewelmer ~ For the Philippines images

Graphics Goddess ~ Jennifer King of NYC ~ For her nifty design and graphics, Photoshop work and instructions

And our Webmaster JB whom we are sure stole everything from somewhere, but we don't know where - and he won't tell!

Thank you very much for your wonderful program, "A Beautiful Obsession: The Mystery of Pearls," which you presented to our Gem & Mineral Council on November 1.

Charles Carmona and Danusia Niklewicz recommended you as being both knowledgeable and eloquent in the field of pearls. I was more than pleasantly surprised at just how right they were. You not only filled every seat in our auditorium, but you left every occupant with a warm pearl-like glow. I am sure that everyone came away with a far better understanding and appreciation for the pearls in all their fetching beauty. You provided not only in-depth information and practical advice, but also did an amazing job of communicating your love of pearls.

- Anthony R. Kampf, Ph.D. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Curator and Department Head

I finally got a few pictures from my Grandmother’s birthday where she had a chance to wear the beautiful pearls you helped me purchase for her. She was so thrilled! Thank you so much for your help with everything. It really was amazing! They were the hit of the party! I can’t thank you enough.

- Ari

What a fantastic lecture you gave!  It was very informative, and the way you presented was absolutely enlightening.  I appreciate your time on everything!   It's such a wonderful motivator to hear people like you who have a passion for what they do.  Kudos to you!  And, I will keep you in mind if I ever am in need of a pearl expert! (Or a strand of nice pearls too!).  Thanks!

- Amy Toosley, Public Relations Associate, Gemological Institute of America

I want to thank you for such a great meeting. Your preparation was stellar. I especially thank you for the information on the successive use of the developed pearl sack to create Keishi. I had also been previously misinformed and you have made it much clearer for me. The Chinese are so creative in their multiple stage use of their freshwater mollusks. Very interesting! I was also misinformed and thought that maxima pinctada could produce multiple pearls simultaneously. Very interesting the use of x-ray technology to detect and remove less than round pearls in the Tahitian production. I am writing an summary of your talk for our website to inform those that were unable to attend the meeting.

Again Thank You!

- Suzanne Martinez, Graduate Gemologist GIA, NAJA Senior Member, AGA Senior Gemologist

Lalta and I saw your wonderful article in Modern Jeweler and wanted to congratulate you. Hope all else is well and that we get to meet in Tucson.

- Reema & Lalta

I bought a strand of keshi from you in Michigan and love, love, love them. Would love to be on your mailing and email list.

- Thank you, Nancy

I, too, was delighted to meet you! Your pearls are delicious and I am so glad to have a source close to home. I will definitely be in touch with you

- Cheers, mary

They are gorgeous! Are you kidding! I want them all. It’s always hard to make decisions about your pearls. There’s the stuff I need and the stuff I want, and it screws me up every time!!

- Jane Taylor

i was reading metalsmith magazine, saw your ad again and so i just looked at your website and i am drooling.  amazing photos and more than enough enticement for me to shoot off an email to you.  thank you so much in advance and i think you have fantastic stuff.  very inspirational!  all the best.

- Heather Murray, Bar Harbor, ME

I, too, was delighted to meet you! Your pearls are delicious and I am so glad to have a source close to home. I will definitely be in touch with you.

- Cheers, mary

I have met you many times at the tucson AGTA show. I just wanted to know you are one of my favorite vendors. You have wonderful energy. I love your pearls. When and where else will you be showing in the southwest? I was the gal who came by near the end of the show who liked the golden baroque pearls. They were beautiful. Can you please keep your eye open for some larger golden irridescent baroque pearls please?

Many thanks and it was nice seeing you again, Liz

You transformed the room into a place of inspiration.

The page in the book where you show all the different kinds of pearls (pearl cross) was an eye opener for me, because I knew little about pearls before I came to the symposium. You can sing for me anytime!

Your energy is positive and amazing. What else could anyone expect from a Goddess!

Thank You again.

- Donna Beers, President Gemological Society of San Diego (Sixteenth Annual Sinkankas Symposium: Pearl on May 27 2019)

I am so digging these pearls, which would make Superman bend to his knees...but you always have the best! (Said about the "Kryptonite gray Tahitian round pearl tells it all with the power of its 16.8mm presence").

- Deborah

One day I'm going to visit. I love pearls I want to learn everything about them! I admire what you do and was in heaven at your booth!

- Kim

Wow...the keshi earrings are amazing and so lightweight on the ears...they fit beautifully and I just love the look!!! Great design and perfect for the keshi necklace...perfect match! The pearl strands are great and really turned out so nicely...I will now definitely be able to wear and enjoy them as they should be worn!

Thank you so much again for parents were so happy as well and my mother just loves her new necklace! I am glad that you had a chance to see them on her in person. What a great way to start a Labor Day weekend!

Enjoy and thank you so very much again!

- Cheryl

The package arrived today. What can I say.only that I wish I had purchased more!!  They are absolutely beautiful and the colors are delicious!

- Best regards, Tracy of

To coin a phrase.... you are my supplier of choice for choice pearls.

- Gary A. Roskin, G.G., FGA, Gemstone Editor, JCK Magazine

Hello Ms Pearl Goddess, I thoroughly enjoyed your article in Modern Jeweler! And your pics in the Loupe were was a very nice article. The article really is impressive (I guess I'm a little biased)...and the pics are all very good quality. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Tucson!

- xoxo, Peggy

Loved loved loved your interactive lecture pearls 101 - fun!

- Best regards, Tannis M.M. Bilkoski G.G., A.S.A., M.G.A.,

You have one happy gal wearing the most glorious coin earrings and Jan is so happy and proud...they are perfect for her and once again, you made someone feel beautiful and special~! They are beautiful and really have a gorgeous luster. She LOVES them! We will talk soon and thank you so much again...I love to see people so happy.

- C

I am so happy to hear that you are doing so much for the promotion and education of pearls. You truly are an Ambassador of Pearls. I would like to say .... Ambassador of Philippine Golden Pearls but it is not fair... what you're doing is really admirable. We miss you here!

- Ana Marie Echevarria, Jewelmer

I love your pearls and absolutely trust your judgement, so if you have things you think I'll like, I most likely will...

- Jen

No one deserves it more than you do Betty Sue and I am thrilled to be in your orbit. You are beautiful inside and out and your knowledge is beyond the pale.

- Cara Lichtenstein, Highland Park IL, for July 2017 WJA Award for Excellence

They are beautiful - once again, you underpromise and overdeliver!

- Warmly, Casey

Thank you again for all your help. You've been an absolute joy to work with and I really appreciate everything you've done.

- Best Wishes and Thanks again, Ari

I have just fallen in love with pearls... The only information that I know about pearls are what I read on your web page...I am however very comfortable purchasing from you because of your reputation.    Thank you for your time.

- Chris

I'm wearin' my pearls, darlin'. I can't give even one of them away!!!! How's that for commitment to our luster?... Looking forward to seeing what you send. Love you for all you do for me.

- Caroline

I first met you at the Las Vegas show about three years ago and purchased some beautiful pearls from you then. I'm on your mailing list and get a post card from you occasionally which just whets my appetite for beautiful pearls. I just took a moment to review your website, and WOW! am I impressed? You bet! It is a very readable and current presentation of pearls and all things related to their culture and collection. I'll be in touch to purchase more. I just had to say, "Hi, and may you have continued success." You are truly a treasure!

- Smith @ Champoeg, Lottie Smith

I am hoping you remember me………..Susan Cox, WJA board member? Anyway, I was pursuing your website and just wanted to tell you how informative and delightful your site is………enjoyable to read and the photographs are fantastic!  Wishing you continued success and thanks so much for sharing your and the Pearls history

- Susan

Our Pearl Goddess honored with the award for excellence by The Women's Jewelry Association
(July 24, 2017 in NYC)
Our Pearl Goddess honored with the award for excellence by The Women's Jewelry Association (July 24, 2017 in NYC)

The Women's Jewelry Association celebrated 33 of our industry's most accomplished women in nine categories. And Guess What? Our Pearl Goddess was chosen as a Winner! Betty Sue King, owner of King's Ransom, was honored with the award for excellence for a Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier. King told the audience that her parents came to the United States from China and she had lived the American dream. The WJA has no glass ceiling, she said. Here were the nominees. And Here's more info.

Our very own Bay Area Betty Sue King from King's Ransom presented a seminar on Pearls for the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers during the Tucson shows. It was well worth attending, and over 50 individuals from all over the country were in town for this event.

- The Women's Jewelry Association

They are just fabulous!!! I love them and the clasp and the little baby pearls near the clasp...I cannot wait to wear them this weekend for Easter...they are so feminine and perfect! You are the best! They are show stoppers!!! Thank you and Have a Hoppy Easter!

- C

One thing that is great about doing business with you is the education you share in the process. You are a gem.

- Best to you, Casey

It was a delight to see you in Carlsbad and especially to hear your lecture. You did a terrific job. Your passion for your subject came through, as well as a lot of good information.  All the best ...

- Alice Keller, Senior Editor of Gems & Gemology Magazine, GIA

I got my pearls. I had forgotten how beautiful they are! You have excellent taste! I'll be browsing your website in the not to distant future. :)

- Thank you for everything, Fiona

I have spoken highly of you to my sister (in Michigan...she is a "pearl girl" too!) . . . I introduced her to your incredibly informative and colorful website a few months ago and I must say, "she is hooked".

- Miss Gem-gal!!!! (aka-"Pearl Girl")

Gorgeous pearls, all made up to order. Beautiful quality with the pearls, in addition to the owner!

- Arlene

I just wanted to tell you how much I love wearing your beautiful, elegant pearls. I love the earrings and the clasp. You did a terrific job and I have worn them regularly since I opened them on my birthday. Ron gave me the black earrings as well.

Again, many thanks for your lovely pearls and the care you took with us to make the right selections.

- Ann Chlebicki

You truly do touch the divine. Your efforts are akin to the goddess Diana, the true huntress who searches the globe, (especially the streets of with toilet paper installed everywhere), and discovers tempting treasures that dazzle the eyes and pause the heart. Can mother nature really create such splendor and wonder? Keshis that looked dipped in gold glaze....what alchemy, what visual day weary eyes refreshed last night by a box when opened...such divine beauty to behold.

In short....these babies ain't coming back. We bow upon bended knee to the great divine of nature and its champion huntress.

- Laura Ponter, Curator Spirits In Stone Inc, Glen Ellen, Ca 95442, 707-939-2399

Your latest pearl job was a great success. My cousin's wife loved the necklace and the ring and her daughter was giddy with the bracelet.   Grazie!  The recipients reiterated how pleased they were with the last batch of pearls, which makes heads turn all over town. Again, many thanks.

- XO, Jean-Louis

Claire on the right
Claire on the right

What a fabulous night!!! It felt like we were at the Academy Awards. Sooo special to be there with you and witness you being honored by our industry ... priceless! You are one rare lady and it was wonderful to share your special night.

- Clare Ullman, WJA Western Regional Director, Berkeley CA, for July 2017 WJA Award for Excellence

You are the best!!!! I got the box from you this morning, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! The pieces are GORGEOUS! I think that I've mentally bought about 5 strands. -- Thanks so much!

- Lorrie Switzer

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